Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Blog is Moving!

And it has something to do with what's in this box...
Lifting the box

Check out the new blog at to find out what's in the box! And to continue reading about Margit's Knitting (and Spinning!) Adventures!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Some Scarves

Here's Holiday Scarf #2 in Moda Dea Tutu
Tutu Scarf
It kind of looks like snow... it's the same 20 stitch 2 x 2 ribbing pattern I used on the Aerie scarves.

And here, sound the trumpets, is my hand-dyed handspun soy silk entrelac scarf!
Soy Silk Handspun Entrelac Scarf
Yay! And a closeup!
Entrelac close-up

P.S. I got some Lorna's Laces in Black Pearl at the after Thanksgiving sale at Purlescence...
Lorna's Laces Black Pearl

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mojo's 4 months old!!

Mojo turned 4 months old today. He weighs 25 pounds! That means I don't think he's going to get as big as I had initially thought and hoped. Jezabelle was 44 lb. at 4 months. He's a sweetie though, and I'm sure however big he gets will be plenty big enough.

Since I last posted about Mojo, he's been to the dog park a few more times, and he made some new friends...
Mojo's new friend

He frolicked around with Siena...

He got a little muddy...
Dirty after the dog park

We all took a nap (Lilla was in her crate)...
Snuggled up on the couch

We started putting him and Siena in the same crate overnight...
Mojo and Siena share a crate

Mojo started digging in his water dish, getting quite wet, so we gave him a new water delivery system (like a giant gerbil feeder)...
Mojo's new water bottle

I let him explore the empty dog food bag while I watched through the window, prepping his food (putting kibbles in chew toys)...
Mojo in the dog food bag

And he plopped down in the grass...
Mojo cuteness!

We noticed he has webbed feet, which probably confirms that he is part Yellow Lab. We had dinner with some friends for Thanksgiving, and one of their friends said he has Blue Heeler eyes, aka Australian Cattle Dog eyes, which could explain 3 other things: pointy ears, heel biting, and small size.
Mojo is 4 months old!

So, now I think he's a Yellow Lab/Australian Cattle Dog/Rottweiler mix. I think he'll be 50 lb. at 1 year and 60 lb. as an adult. Next month, I think he'll be 33 lb!
Mojo at 4 months!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sweater Woes

The sweater is almost done. You know what sweater I'm talking about. I absolutely love it. But, I've just about run out of yarn, and it's not quite done yet. Since realizing I am going to run out of yarn, I have contacted 4 different online vendors to purchase one more ball. They all have websites that say they sell this yarn (Lana Grossa Due Chine), and they're all out of stock in the color I need (and most other colors as well). I've posted on Knitters Review. It's my last hope...
Sweater Woes
I'm in quite a pickle here, because 1) I wanted to sell this pattern, so I now have to find a new different yarn that will work at approximately the same guage and knit another sweater in that yarn before finalizing the pattern and putting it up for sale, and 2) I really really love this sweater and really really want to finish it and wear it!!!


[Added later, but before posting]
OK, so I picked a new yarn and I'm excited to knit another sweater. I really love the pattern, so it will be awesome to have 2 sweaters in different yarns and colors. Plus this way I will follow my pattern directions (once I write them up in a bit more orderly fashion) and see if my directions are good or not.

In other news, I'm knitting an entrelac scarf with my handspun soy silk, which I will post a picture of soon. I started another holiday scarf, but put it on hold. I figured out what pattern to use for my nephew's baby blanket. I haven't spun anything in almost 3 weeks... and Mojo will be 4 months old tomorrow, so I'll post more pictures of him then too!

Also, my mom loves her new socks.
Mom's socks 2
(You see where I get my love of big dogs.)
Mom's socks 1

And I did say I'd post pictures of Siena modeling my latest scarf, the only holiday knitting I've completed so far...
Holiday Scarf 2
Holiday Scarf 1
Doesn't she remind you of Greta Garbo?
She's definitely got flare...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A little sock yarn and fiber for your viewing pleasure

New Sock Yarn
I used my coupon at Purlescence and picked up some Claudia Handpainted (Walk in the Woods, Jungle from Left to Right), and some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (Pioneer, Mt. Creek, from Center to Right)
New Sock Yarn 2
I also picked up some Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Merino/Tencel fiber, which might just get its chance on the spinning wheel sometime very soon...
Chasing Rainbows Merino/Tencel

Mojo Madness

[Picture-heavy puppy post. If you hate puppies, don't scroll down.]

It was a momentous week in Mojo's life, as he made his first trip to the dog park.
Mojo at the dog park
He was a bit terrified...
Mojo makes friends at the dog park 3
Mojo makes friends at the dog park
but he made some new friends...
Mojo makes friends at the dog park 2
Siena wasn't too happy about having to share the back of the car with Mojo...
Do I have to sit back here with him???
but there is plenty of room for them in the back of my new (pre-owned) dog mobile...
The new dog mobile

Mojo also made it up on the couch, without the impetus of the devil vacuum cleaner.
Almost on the couch!
So close!

He convinced Siena to play with him a bit...
Mojo & Siena playing 2
Mojo & Siena playing

And we've started trying to teach him to leave Lilla alone...
Mojo being good with Lilla!
Sometimes Siena just wants to be left alone too...
Siena on my stuff

Somehow Mojo didn't gain any weight this week (or I weighed him at the wrong time of day), so he was 19.5 pounds at 15 weeks. He did grow 2 inches taller since the last time I measured him 2 weeks ago, so he's now 14.5 inches tall. He's still 17 inches long. He has started biting our heels, so he definitely has some herding dog in him. His ears are still getting perkier. So, I still think he's a Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Lab mix, and that he'll be 70 lb. at 1 year and 90 lb. as an adult. I'm going to go for 23 lb. again as my guess for next week's weight.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knitting and Spinning Progress

I finished the first Moda Dea Aerie scarf, in an off-white color, which will be a holiday gift.
Aerie Scarf
I wove in the ends this evening -- I'll have Siena model it tomorrow.

I started a second one too... in a light blue color.
Aerie Scarf #2

Yay, I'm using up stash!

When I was out with Mojo the other morning, when it was sunny after pouring all day long the day before, I noticed this...
Fence Evaporation
and thought it was pretty darn cool.
No, my fence is not on fire.
Water was evaporating off of the wet fence.
(Isn't my neighbor's house ugly?)

In the world of spinning, I was surprised on Tuesday when I started spinning up the bamboo I dyed earlier this year.
bamboo roving and spinning

How did this
hand-dyed bamboo fluff
turn into this
hand-dyed bamboo spun up

Every time I look at it, it amazes me.

Because of the all of the colors, and because I only have 4 oz., I initially thought I would make bamboo sock yarn, and knit myself a pair of bamboo socks. However, Cookie said that bamboo socks probably wouldn't be very flexible, and suggested I make something lacy. Since it's coming out in varying shades of purple, I might just leave it as singles, and do just that.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hand-dyed handspun soy silk yarn!

Yay! I finished spinning the soy silk single on Saturday at Linda's knitting/spinning retreat (which was awesome). I finished plying it just now!

Plying the soy silk
This was my progress plying yesterday...

All plied up
This is the yarn on the bobbin, after Navajo Plying.

mmm... hand-dyed, handspun soy silk yarn!
Here it is, all skeined up!

Hand-dyed handspun soy silk yarn
And here are the gratuitous close-ups...
Hand-Dyed Handspun Soy Silk Yarn 2
Hand-Dyed Handspun Soy Silk Yarn 3
Did I mention I LOVE it?!